Project Description

ICTV Brands’ flagship product, DermaWand®, is the revolutionary device that’s sold millions worldwide. DermaWand® is clinically proven to visibly reduce the signs of aging – giving you the Lifted Look. Using the same technology as the big radio frequency machines found at doctors’ offices and medspas, DermaWand® reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces enlarged pores and improves skin tone and texture while tightening your skin. DermaWand® uses a lower amplitude that’s perfect for everyday in-home use. The radio frequency provides instant stimulation and massage effect while at the same time delivers thermal energy and enriched oxygen. The results – younger looking skin with only 2 three minute treatments a day.

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With time we found out that is a very reliable product, generates satisfaction on customer, very low, almost none claims or returns. Satisfaction on the price/value perception, and sustainable profitable sales over a long run period of time.

This is why, in this very short run products industry, we have supported, pushed and recommended Dermawand.

Walter Schupnik, CEO, Intermarketing Direct Colombia
I am very happy and fascinated by Dermawand. It is amazing. You have to apply it day by day. If you do so, you see wonderful results. I use it during the morning after my cleansing and hydration routine.Once I arrive home I take off my makeup. I apply a cleansing and a hydrating facial cream. After that, I use Dermawand all over my face. Using Dermawand the difference is notorious. We are not going to talk about magic here because that doesn’t exist, but, I see an improvement in my skin. Our skin is one of our bodies’ organs, it breathes, so we must take care of it.
Laura, Customer