Value & Growth

ICTV Brands™ Inc. is a direct marketing company which creates shareholder value by consistently engaging consumers directly in the United States and through our international distribution network in over 65 countries around the world. Our consumer products are promoted in professional and compelling direct marketing campaigns. ICTV Brands™ is listed in the United States on the OTCQX under the symbol “ICTV” and in Canada on the Canadian Securities exchange under “ITV”. We encourage inquiries and welcome the chance to speak with shareholders and potential investors. If you wish to contact the company to discuss investment opportunities, or if you are already a shareholder and require information, please contact us directly.
  • Create a portfolio of uniquely branded, high profile products focused on the health and beauty markets
  • Utilize three main promotional platforms – maximize television and internet exposure first and then moving successful products into the retail arena
  • Source and develop products that have potential for rapid growth and smooth transition from direct response sales to national retail chains
  • Create enduring shelf brands resulting in a solid business while continually testing, refining and marketing new and unique products
  • Monitor financial leverage (net Indebtedness/EBITDA) closely to support internal and external growth strategy