The ICTV Advantage

The ICTV Brands™ is built on a solid platform of value, proven strategy and financial strength. The our competitive edge includes low overhead, flexible cost structures, compact organizational structure, an excellent product sourcing network, a diverse portfolio of products and an experienced, determined management team.
  • Top tier management with a successful track record of generating share holder value in their specialized fields of marketing, including brand creation and infomercial production, finance and corporate governance
  • Developed infrastructure poised to successfully launch new consumer products
  • Established global sales and distribution channels set up in over 70 countries internationally to reap the benefits from ICTV Brands™ infomercials and products
  • Low overhead, flexible cost structure, excellent product sourcing network and compact organizational structure
  • Strong balance sheet due to continued growth in revenue, operating income before amortization (EBITDA) and free cash flow