The ICTV Brands™ is built on a solid platform of value, proven strategy and financial strength. The our competitive edge includes low overhead, flexible cost structures, compact organizational structure, an excellent product sourcing network, a diverse portfolio of products and an experienced, determined management team.

  • Top tier management with a successful track record of generating share holder value in their specialized fields of marketing, including brand creation and infomercial production, finance and corporate governance
  • Developed infrastructure poised to successfully launch new consumer products
  • Established global sales and distribution channels set up in 65 countries internationally to reap the benefits from ICTV Brands™ infomercials and products
  • Low overhead, flexible cost structure, excellent product sourcing network and compact organizational structure
  • Strong balance sheet due to continued growth in revenue, operating income before amortization (EBITDA) and free cash flow

Value & Growth

ICTV Brands™ Inc. is a direct marketing company which creates shareholder value by consistently engaging consumers directly in the United States and through our international distribution network in 65 countries around the world. Our consumer products are promoted in professional and compelling direct marketing campaigns. ICTV Brands™ is listed in the United States on the OTCQX under the symbol “ICTV” and in Canada on the Canadian Securities exchange under “ITV”. We encourage inquiries and welcome the chance to speak with shareholders and potential investors. If you wish to contact the company to discuss investment opportunities, or if you are already a shareholder and require information, please contact us directly.

  • Create a portfolio of uniquely branded, high profile products focused on the health and beauty markets
  • Utilize three main promotional platforms – maximize television and internet exposure first and then move successful products into the retail arena
  • Source and develop products that have potential for rapid growth and smooth transition from direct response sales to national retail chains
  • Create enduring shelf brands resulting in a solid business while continually testing, refining and marketing new and unique products
  • Monitor financial leverage (net indebtedness/EBITDA) closely to support internal and external growth strategy

Our Board & Management Team

ICTV Brands’ integrated team of Directors and senior executives incorporate close to 100 years of top-level experience in the vital areas of corporate management and finance, direct marketing, retailing, and commercial television production. Individual members of the team have conceived and directed significant marketing programs in North America, Latin America, Europe, and South-East Asia. As individuals, ICTV Brands™ Directors and executives have been directly responsible for a total of over $1.6 billion in direct response marketing sales since 1982. A profile of ICTV’s key Board members and executive management is as follows:

Executive Management

Kelvin Claney
Kelvin ClaneyCEO, Chairman of the Board

Kelvin Claney has served as a director of the company since January 2001 and has served as the Chief Executive Officer since 2001. Mr. Claney began working in the United States direct response business in 1989 as an independent contractor to National Media Corp., where he produced, sourced, and executive-produced various infomercial projects. Since 1992 until 2014, Mr. Claney has served as President of R.J.M. Ventures, Inc., a television direct response marketing company. During his time there he identified DermaWand® as being an asset from which a new company could be created and co-founded ICTV at that time. Mr. Claney has written and produced 3 long form DermaWand® infomercials and multiple short form DermaWand® spots for distribution via broadcast and digital media. He also created the marketing material including multiple television commercials for the children’s toy product known as BetterBlocks®.

Doug Crouthers joined ICTV Brands™ in June of 2014. Mr. Crouthers is responsible for managing all of the Company’s sales distribution channels, including international distributors in 65 countries as well as retail sales and live home shopping domestically and worldwide. Mr. Crouthers has over a 27 years of sales experience with almost 20 years in the Direct/Brand Response Industry. He most recently worked with Applied Perceptions where he cultivated the customer sales and service call center side of DRTV campaigns, working directly with ICTV Brands™ on multiple campaigns. He has also held the title of Vice-President of Teleservices at Irwin Naturals (Dual Action Cleanse) and of Vice-President of Sales at Tony Hoffman Productions (Bloussant). Doug earned a B.S. degree in Marketing and Business Administration from California State University, Northridge.

Douglas Crouthers
Douglas CrouthersPresident
Craig Millman
Craig MillmanCFO

Craig Millman joined ICTV in January 2019 as V.P. of Financial Reporting. Craig was appointed Interim Chief Financial Officer on April 1, 2019. Craig is a Seasoned financial executive with over 25 years of experience as a CFO, Controller and Director level professional.  His background includes primarily privately held specialty finance, services, software and technology enterprises.  He has extensive experience in financial reporting, financial planning and analysis; as well as expertise in management of accounting operations, including supervision of billing, accounts receivable, credit and collections, accounts payable, cash disbursements, and payroll.  He is a team-oriented CPA and MBA, with excellent leadership ability, strong communication skills, and outstanding work ethic.

Vince Dargush joined ICTV in July 2014 as Director of Operations. Before his full time position at ICTV Brands, he worked as a consultant for the Company for 2 years. He is currently responsible for overseeing media, consumer operations, inventory, logistics, purchasing and ICTV’s e-commerce platform. Vince brings over 12 years of experience in Direct-to-Consumer and E-Commerce sales and has driven continued optimization for ICTV Brands products. He led the company to become digitally focused without losing the key elements of traditional direct response by using all means necessary to drive profitable sales at ICTV Brands. Vince continues to push efficiency and scalability through testing and optimization. He received a B.S. in Communications from Ithaca College with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations.

Vince Dargush
Vince DargushVP Marketing & Operations
Philip Solomon
Philip SolomonVP Research & Development

Philip Solomon joined ICTV in January 2017 as Vice President for Research and Development. With a B.Sc Mechanical Engineering (Honors) and over 40 years experience in electro-mechanical engineering, Philip has held senior research, design and development positions in some of Israel’s most progressive engineering and technical enterprises. In 2007 Philip joined Radiancy/PhotoMedex as head of R&D developing OTC consumer medical and beauty devices based on professional treatment technology, for in-home use. The latest no!no!® hair removal models of Micro, Pro Plus and Pivot are a direct result of Philip’s expertise, as is the newly launched DermaWand® Pro.

Board of Directors

Stephen J. Jarvis
Stephen J. JarvisDirector

Stephen Jarvis has served as a director of the company since December 17, 2009. In 1996 he co-founded Positive Response Vision Inc., and as President he grew the company to a successful 400 person Philippines direct marketing company. After a brief retirement, in 2015 Mr. Jarvis co-founded Vision TV Inc., where he oversees all sales, inventory and logistical operations for the company. With a staff of 600 VTI is one of the largest omni channel direct-to-consumer marketing companies in the Philippines, supplying multi product categories to consumers throughout the entire Philippines archipelago.  Mr. Jarvis has been engaged in direct-to-consumer and retail marketing since 1983.

Don McDonald is currently with Great Valley Capital Advisors, assisting companies with corporate development and strategy. Mr.McDonald’s 40-year career spans several organizations from financing to direct response advertising to technology and media. His responsibilities as a Founder and Executive over the past 30 years include strategy vision, management, operations and sales. In particular, Mr.McDonald led National Media Corporation, a direct response marketing company, to $320 million in annual sales and a NYSE listing as a public company.

Donald McDonald
Donald McDonaldDirector
William N. Kinnear CPA, CA
William N. Kinnear CPA, CADirector

William Kinnear became a director of the company in March 2013. Mr. Kinnear is a Chartered Professional Accountant in Canada, and has over 40 years of experience as a senior officer with a variety of companies, both public and private, in the accounting and financial disciplines. His experience includes the areas of mortgage underwriting and finance, point of sale, steel fabrication, corporate secretarial services, and investments.

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